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If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode
If you are behind a router enable passive FTP mode.
It's not letting me upload my files what's wrong?
Make sure you are uploading to the right web directory which is inside the public_html folder.If...
My ftp fails to connect why?
1. your firewall could be blocking it.2. make sure you have the ip in your welcome email for...
My ftp is slow or disconnects while uploading! help!
Go into your ftp options and see if passive mode is checked if it is uncheck it. If it is not...
Where can I download a free FTP?
We recommend downloading WS FTP from here.
Why doesn't my ftp password change when I change my cPanel password?
Please allow 24 hours for your FTP password to sync with your cPanel password. If you need...

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